The best worst best day in trade chat ever, Rain of Fail, etc.

Getting ready to start Highmaul and crafted LIKE JESUS ON ADDERALL all week, epics for my warlock, epics for my healer, epics epics fucking epics. It was like Oprah came to my garrison and shit out iPhones and Michael Kors purses for all my toons. Everyone’s favorite things.

I’m at work on Monday and my phone lights up with “Trade Chat has gone wild” and this:


There were about a thousand other images posted that day. This was fine with me because trade chat is basically fucking Tumblr Live anyway, and if you weren’t around, you should know that for the first time I can remember in my over 1000 years of WoW play, Blizzard actually turned off Trade and some other public chat channels completely. Due in no small part to people posting entire loading screens in chat, and stuff like gigantic oversized pics of the ogre idol icon that looks like a pair of fat jugs. Reddit has most of them archived for posterity.


So I am sitting there trying to look like Miss Serious Smarty Healthcare Womans meanwhile swallowing hysterical laughter about ogre idol tits  because I am a broken human being.

Since it’s hotfixed now, I’ll say that it had something to do with linking followers in chat, and being able to resize and replace icons and item  links/tooltip display accordingly.

Okay, some inevitable complaining. Destro is not doing great with the AOE nerfs, but whatever. Ain’t nobody got time to learn how to play another spec and have to actually pay attention. I admit adjustment was needed; all right take away the embers from Rain of Fire but don’t then nerf the fucking spell by 60% too. Anyway, I will deal with it. But I won’t like it.

Which reminds me, Blizz. A little primer on Black Princes:










The one on the left: Raspberry Beret. Awesome. The right? Creepy little icky guy with no likability and a shitty hat. I rest my case.

Been working overnights and have been doing groups at odd hours. Friends are always around and willing to carry me through content due to my sparkling personality and grasp of the English language:


And then, after this whisper I slowly descended into madness.



Jesus take the wheel.

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  • Psychopants
    December 15, 2014 - 11:16 am | Permalink

    I miss stuff like this happening in game.

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