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Hey what’s up HELLO.

I haven’t streamed, ‘Youtubed’ or written in any serious way on this site in better than 3 years.  In this time, I attended school, got a job I love in healthcare, maintained a personal life and relationship which I do not talk about here, as well as, of course, leveling and raiding with far too many characters.

At last count, a week before Battle for Azeroth, I had 13*†  characters at 110; 2 of those are geared for Mythic raids, the rest are geared respectably enough for Heroic and Normal raids.

I stopped with game related social media, streaming, and blogging, posting strats on Youtube, etc, because The SECOND I felt obligation to stuff like this, it became another Thing I Must Do in my life, and between my career, personal adult responsibilities and relationships, continuing education, home life, sleep, bodily functions etc “Pleasing people who read my gaming weblog” falls pretty fall down the list. Another reason was I was deeply conflicted about whether I actually wanted to play this game anymore after the ignominious failure which was Warlords of Draenor. I, like many, did not enjoy the expansion and it was the period of time I spent the most amount of time outside of the game. I clearly remember logging in before the launch of Legion and it having been nearly 2 months since I had last played which is a thought utterly foreign to me right now, with how wonderfully Legion turned out.

Furthermore, the scape of social media has changed with regard to how we give and receive information to one another about the game, and how we as a community express our opinions. It seems to have organically gravitated to vlogs and streams. I can’t really and won’t ever be a consistent video contributor; I am far too private and do not have the time or talent to cultivate or maintain an audience. So I write here when I can, put up a video for fun here and there, stream once in a while, and that’s how it will stay. I selectively enable comments and replies. It’s just how it is going to be to keep it fun.

*Tabbed out to write this, I was queued for dungeons on my Alliance mage, and dinged 110. So, now, 14 characters.

† If I run invasions passively during my work week, my Alliance priest will make it 15, but no idea if the timing will work. I HAVE A LIFE, OKAY.

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