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The best worst best day in trade chat ever, Rain of Fail, etc.

Getting ready to start Highmaul and crafted LIKE JESUS ON ADDERALL all week, epics for my warlock, epics for my healer, epics epics fucking epics. It was like Oprah came to my garrison and shit out iPhones and Michael Kors purses for all my toons. Everyone’s favorite things. I’m at work on Monday and my phone lights read more »

Here, have some words.

I hit 100 sometime late Saturday the 15th/early Sunday morning 16th; here are some off-the-cuff not too revealing of content comments: Queues, holy fucking shit, queues. We were able to get in without too much trouble Wednesday night before the launch and played until morning (at least I did, I had to work the next day read more »

Sandstorm fixed for Elemental pets, finally!

Rejoice, for Blizzard has finally fixed the ongoing problem of Elemental pets not benefiting from the positive portion of the Sandstorm weather effect, due to their Elemental family passive. Originally, the passive included all weather effects, not just negative ones, but all effects. It was changed a while ago but the pets were still not receiving read more »