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Does Pagle have a botting problem?

Looking for a place to transfer our Classic toons where the economy isn’t completely busted and…  


Me being killed horribly by friendly fire in +2 Tol Dagor  (Your best friend and husband crit you for 760000) KILLIN THE VECTIS NORMAL (rip healers) Warfronts a go go (Snorefronts, amirite) Island Expeditions (GET THEM AZERITES, BOYS) And other stupidity.

Floutsy and Droptopp do Lordaeron

Okay, I swear on my life, this was the thumbnail that Youtube automatically chose when I uploaded. I nearly fell off my chair. The below is carefully curated expert commentary on the lore and events of the Siege of Lordaeron, from our stream. Actually, it’s just us talking a whole bunch of shit and spamming read more »

Hello from the other side

Hey what’s up HELLO. I haven’t streamed, ‘Youtubed’ or written in any serious way on this site in better than 3 years.  In this time, I attended school, got a job I love in healthcare, maintained a personal life and relationship which I do not talk about here, as well as, of course, leveling and read more »

Looking for Derps

I did precious few things this week aside from logging into my garrison, tweeting weird shit and collecting crap/sending followers off due to getting ready for a 2 week vacation in which WoW will be the last thing on my mind. I have worked a few overnights and to stay awake at the correct times I read more »

The best worst best day in trade chat ever, Rain of Fail, etc.

Getting ready to start Highmaul and crafted LIKE JESUS ON ADDERALL all week, epics for my warlock, epics for my healer, epics epics fucking epics. It was like Oprah came to my garrison and shit out iPhones and Michael Kors purses for all my toons. Everyone’s favorite things. I’m at work on Monday and my phone lights read more »

My Terrorguard, Molten Core ’14. Also, Menagerie Level 2. And Stuff.

Even though I love the fiery dickpunch that is Cataclysm, I recognize its true worth in most raid encounters is limited, so I specced into Demonic Servitude to try it out. Well, everyone, meet Azzagram. Yes. that’s Azzagram. Like Asstagram. The new Instagram for Asses. So hot. I digress. I got a chance to run read more »

Here, have some words.

I hit 100 sometime late Saturday the 15th/early Sunday morning 16th; here are some off-the-cuff not too revealing of content comments: Queues, holy fucking shit, queues. We were able to get in without too much trouble Wednesday night before the launch and played until morning (at least I did, I had to work the next day read more »

Bloodknight Antari – 2 Pet Strategy

My first post and first video, aren’t you lucky! Bloodknight Antari is located here in Shadowmoon Valley, Outland @ roughly 30.8, 41.9 coordinates, just south of Shadowmoon Village, the Horde faction town. This is a strategy I employ for; with this strategy it is possible to boost a much lower level pet. *This is simply a strategy read more »