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That’s a wrap

There’s my expansion, folks. Late, but most of you don’t work Covid ICU, so suck it.

Tol’ Dagor M+, murdered by best friend and husband, RIP

Floutsy and Droptopp do Lordaeron

Okay, I swear on my life, this was the thumbnail that Youtube automatically chose when I uploaded. I nearly fell off my chair. The below is carefully curated expert commentary on the lore and events of the Siege of Lordaeron, from our stream. Actually, it’s just us talking a whole bunch of shit and spamming read more »


Outtakes from our latest Highmaul raid.  You will not care about this unless you are in my guild. We are now recruiting non-bads and people who say swear words.

Looking for Derps

I did precious few things this week aside from logging into my garrison, tweeting weird shit and collecting crap/sending followers¬†off due to getting ready for a 2 week vacation in which WoW will be the last thing on my mind. I have worked a few overnights and to stay awake at the correct times I read more »

How to Gug’rokk for scrubs like me

If you are in a melee heavy group and are doing Heroic Gug’rokk for your fire core, this is how you do it. It looks dumb but it worked with a warrior tank, a frost dk, a rogue, a monk healer and a fabulous warlock. I’m not going to explain anything but positioning and tips read more »

My Terrorguard, Molten Core ’14. Also, Menagerie Level 2. And Stuff.

Even though I love the fiery dickpunch that is Cataclysm, I recognize its true worth in most raid encounters is limited, so I specced into Demonic Servitude to try it out. Well, everyone, meet Azzagram. Yes. that’s Azzagram. Like Asstagram. The new Instagram for Asses. So hot. I digress. I got a chance to run read more »