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Pandaren Spirit Tamers – Pandaren Air Spirit 2-Pet Strategy

The Pandaren Spirit Tamers are located in  four locations throughout Pandaria. In order to face the Pandaren Spirit Tamers for the first time, you must defeat Aki the Chosen.  This video and strategy deals with how to defeat the Whispering Pandaren Spirit. The air spirit resides in The Jade Forest, at the top of Exclamation Point. read more »

The Celestial Tournament – Lorewalker Cho Strategy

Lorewalker Cho has taken a respite from his duties as lorekeeper of Pandaria to engage in battle at the Celestial Tournament. He appears as one of the random Champions of Pandaria. This is the strategy I use to defeat him. *This strategy was originally seen in this guide. I have never made any claims that I read more »