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That’s a wrap

There’s my expansion, folks. Late, but most of you don’t work Covid ICU, so suck it.

Tol’ Dagor M+, murdered by best friend and husband, RIP

Floutsy and Droptopp do Lordaeron

Okay, I swear on my life, this was the thumbnail that Youtube automatically chose when I uploaded. I nearly fell off my chair. The below is carefully curated expert commentary on the lore and events of the Siege of Lordaeron, from our stream. Actually, it’s just us talking a whole bunch of shit and spamming read more »

Hello from the other side

Hey what’s up HELLO. I haven’t streamed, ‘Youtubed’ or written in any serious way on this site in better than 3 years.  In this time, I attended school, got a job I love in healthcare, maintained a personal life and relationship which I do not talk about here, as well as, of course, leveling and read more »