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The Whateverinator – Menagerie Dailies


How to Gug’rokk for scrubs like me

If you are in a melee heavy group and are doing Heroic Gug’rokk for your fire core, this is how you do it. It looks dumb but it worked with a warrior tank, a frost dk, a rogue, a monk healer and a fabulous warlock. I’m not going to explain anything but positioning and tips read more »

Here, have some words.

I hit 100 sometime late Saturday the 15th/early Sunday morning 16th; here are some off-the-cuff not too revealing of content comments: Queues, holy fucking shit, queues. We were able to get in without too much trouble Wednesday night before the launch and played until morning (at least I did, I had to work the next day read more »


I’ve pretty much stayed subscribed  but stopped playing due to the time stresses of being a full time student, 12 hour intern shifts, being a good Mom, being an attentive girlfriend, and preparing to move to a new home.  I bought a brand new computer in anticipation for WoD, so my tentative plan is to read more »

Warlords of Draenor Alpha – Datamined Pets, Abilities and Items

All of the usual sources have been hard at work this week datamining the just-released Warlords of Draenor Alpha client.  There were a few line items devoted to pets and pet battles in the initial alpha. From Wowhead’s data: New Pet Abilities – Carpnado – Summons a frenzy of furious fish on your enemies, dealing read more »

April 1st Pet Breeding news

Warcraftpets has the totally legit completely real news on pet breeding in Warlords of Draenor. I don’t know about you guys, but I am pretty stoked for “Carpnado”. You can read all about these groundbreaking changes in the Warcraftpets forums.