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Beasts of Fable Book I – Ka’wi the Gorger (Post 5.4)

The Beasts of Fable quests become available once Aki the Chosen is defeated. The Beasts of Fable are boss pets located all around Pandaria, and are marked on the map by a yellow paw print.¬†Each of these strategies work after the 5.4 adjustments to the Beasts of Fable questline. Ka’wi the Gorger is a pleasantly read more »

The Celestial Tournament – Xu-Fu Strategy

Xu-Fu, the completely adorable cub of Xuen, appears in the Celestial Tournament as one of the final challengers to defeat before being declared the new champion. *This strategy was originally seen in this¬†guide. I have never made any claims that I created this strategy.* Pet and Ability Lineup: Your Squad: Alpine Foxling Kit with Bite, read more »