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Darkmoon Faire – Jeremy Feasel “Kamikaze” Strategy

The Darkmoon Faire is on this week, and every pet battler knows that means Jeremy Feasel is in town and ready to battle you for that chance at a Darkmoon Eye, and of course, bragging rights. If you have never battled him before, Jeremy Feasel is located at the  Darkmoon Faire and you will need read more »

The Celestial Tournament – Wise Mari Strategy

Wise Mari swam on over from the Jade Forest and appears in the Celestial Tournament as one of the random Champions of Pandaria. This is the strategy I use to defeat him. *This strategy was originally seen in this guide. I have never made any claims that I created this strategy.* Pet and Ability Lineup: Your read more »

Bloodknight Antari – 2 Pet Strategy

My first post and first video, aren’t you lucky! Bloodknight Antari is located here in Shadowmoon Valley, Outland @ roughly 30.8, 41.9 coordinates, just south of Shadowmoon Village, the Horde faction town. This is a strategy I employ for http://www.wowhead.com/npc=66557/bloodknight-antari; with this strategy it is possible to boost a much lower level pet. *This is simply a strategy read more »