Looking for Derps

I did precious few things this week aside from logging into my garrison, tweeting weird shit and collecting crap/sending followers off due to getting ready for a 2 week vacation in which WoW will be the last thing on my mind. I have worked a few overnights and to stay awake at the correct times I am doing heroic 5 mans again for Frostwall Tavern quests, since I replaced my shit ass useless Trading Post with the Inn. I wish I could tell you my plan here was based around some strategic move with regard to the Tavern but in reality I could not stand to see the blasted yellow exclamation mark for the nonfunctional Auction House  for one more second so I nuked the fucking thing from orbit and put in the Tavern. Also, I changed my mind about the War Mill. The War Mill is the balls. Now that I am flush with resources the War Mill has provided me with oodles of item upgrades for my followers and I have most of them at 655 now; I have seen rare missions for Heroic Highmaul gear for me for the last 2 weeks and scored a trinket with a gem slot and a perfectly statted weapon as well as the free seal every reset. I also farmed a full Blackrock set for my paladin healer. Croman’s naked ass can go out and get me gear anytime.

It’s okay to be jelly, I’d want to be me too. I also have nice boobs.

Random thoughts about things in no particular order:

Been running Highmaul with the guild when I can and wrecking shit as Destro but my AOE is still shitty. Havoc change to 20 sec might help a little.  The difference between LFR and Normal/Heroic Highmaul is gigantic. LFR truly feels like it is there to serve its intended “see the content” purpose at this point; It is a decent catch-up mechanic if you can’t get into a guild due to time constraints or the fact that you’re an insufferable self-important twat that no one wants to play with for more than a dungeon’s worth of time. As a regular raider with a guild, one week into LFR release and I have no reason to be in LFR already. This is a good thing IMO.

Everbloom – I never realized how fucking annoying Human female voices were until I went to this instance. Between the fire ring girl boss0 and the one harpy at the end screaming her tits off every five seconds about fuck all, I wondered how I possibly missed this before, having played a Human female character for literally a hundred years previous to this expansion.

Grimrail Depot – This is the place where no one knows what the fuck to do, all the times on all the bosses. If it is a guild group, we are all 645 – 650ish at this point and can handle it easily but if I am pugging late at night I don’t think I’ve finished this once. People get to the second boss and lose their minds about where to be and what to do.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds – Standing in The Purple Is Bad Burial Grounds. That’s all.

Auchindoun – Sorry but I still love this; it is my happy place, along with the RAVE CAVE in Un’goro Crater. I want to take that Green stripey demon thing home as a pet and feed it whiny Human females.

Skyreach – THE PLACE with the BIRDS, or the new Oculus. I have no problem with it but people love to drop this dungeon after zoning, because they can’t be arsed to walk the wind maze.

UBRS – How many ways can you fuck up LEEEEROOYYY. Answer: A lotta ways.

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