How to Gug’rokk for scrubs like me

If you are in a melee heavy group and are doing Heroic Gug’rokk for your fire core, this is how you do it. It looks dumb but it worked with a warrior tank, a frost dk, a rogue, a monk healer and a fabulous warlock.

I’m not going to explain anything but positioning and tips because the rest is your job. In short:


Basically, pull him away from the throne, it’s doable if you keep him near the throne but there is just the tiniest bit more room if you go toward the entrance, NOT TOO FAR AS HE WILL DESPAWN AND YOUR TANK WILL BE REALLY MAD I’M SORRY OK<3 I last did this like 2 weeks ago so my memory isn’t great. Whatever, here we go.






As ranged dps a DK is your best friend here, hello Grip of Fuck Your Couch. They can pull an add back to you or if they are not the tank and dealing with the boss, they can Chains of Ice that bitch, stapling the add to the ground until you can neutralize it.

If you are a DS talented warlock use your Terror/Doomguard here as he will also root it. If you don’t have the dps to pull it off you can use the Succy Lash ability to knock the add back before it gets to the kiln.  Destro save your conflag stuns and watch debuffs. Other dps use slows, stuns, all the things.

Melee just stay out of trouble and don’t bug with the add once it gets out of your range, pound out dps like we know you can and interrupt boss.

Purge/Offensive Dispel all the things off of him if you can, interrupt his Molten Blast.

Healers, dispel at like 4 stacks, seriously just fucking do it before we die. Act like you know how to play and triage that shit.

Ranged be on the add like you thirsty. They need to die YESTERDAY, its not a “when I remember to” thing.


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  • Vinzclorth
    December 1, 2014 - 1:56 am | Permalink

    My guild used this to success tonight, evilcookies Malygos thanks you!

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