Darkmoon Faire – Jeremy Feasel “Lil’ Boss” 2 Pet Strategy

The Darkmoon Faire is on this week, and every pet battler knows that means Jeremy Feasel is in town and ready to battle you for that chance at a Darkmoon Eye, and of course, bragging rights. If you have never battled him before, Jeremy Feasel is located at the  Darkmoon Faire and you will need to purchase some Darkmoon Game Tokens to engage him in battle.

There are a lot of different strategies to defeat this tamer; I will post a few that I use with different teams of pets.

Pet and Ability Lineup:

Your Squad:

Lil’ XT with Zap, Repair, and Tympanic Tantrum. (Mechanical)

Lil’ Ragnaros with Sulfuras Smash, Magma Trap, and Sons of the Flame. (Elemental)

Leveling pet

Enemy Team:

Judgement – Focused BeamsEyeblast, and Darkmoon Curse. (Magic)

Honky-Tonk – MissleShock and Awe, and Lock-on. (Mechanical)

Fezwick – SmashClobber, and Banana Barrage. (Beast)

The Action:

Open with your Lil’ XT vs Judgement. Cast Tympanic Tantrum. This will last 3 rounds while Judgement tries to put some damage on you. You will take less damage as mechanical from Judgement’s magic attacks, so it should not be too much. After Tympanic Tantrum is over, use Repair. This will put you in stasis unable to make moves for 2 rounds but you will recover a lot of health. Cast Zap as filler until your Tympanic Tantrum is back up, and repeat the process. Your aim is to cast as many Tympanic Tantrums as you can while attempting to Repair in between. This will do heavy damage to both backline pets. If both are on cooldown or you are facing certain death, always use Zap as filler. I am usually able to cast Tympanic Tantrum twice.

When Lil’ XT dies for good, swap in your Lil’ Ragnaros. Cast Sons of the Flame. Sons of the Flame will submerge you, protecting you from all damage for 3 rounds while your mini fire elementals dish out damage. Honky Tonk should be very low on health now due to Sons of the Flame and the previous backline damage from Tympanic Tantrum. When you emerge, lay down your Magma Trap. Ideally Magma Trap will detonate on the next pet, Fezwick, but there is a possibility it will hit Honky-Tonk since it is a random chance ability. Use Sulfuras Smash as many times as needed to kill off Honky-Tonk.

Fezwick is up last, and will be faster than your Lil’ Rag. He will attempt to stun you for a round with Clobber. Once you are stunned with Clobber this is an ideal time to bring in your leveling pet for their requisite round.* Your leveling pet should probably be level 8 or above just to be safe.  Switch back to Lil’ Rag and smash Fezwick into submission with Sulfuras Smash until you have won.

*As you can see in this particular battle my Magma Trap went off before Fezwick could stun me, and my Sulfuras Smash ability fired immediately after, so he died before my leveling pet could take its round and get XP. Another place you could potentially slot in your leveling pet for their round is the very first round; Judgement does not do high damage and generally buffs himself with his non-damaging Focused Beams first.

More Details:

For most of my strategies I have avoided using pet store pets because not everyone has them or has the means to acquire them, and any pet encounter in this game can be beaten without the use of pet store pets. However I do have them and love using them, so I allowed an exception in this case.

Both Lil’ Ragnaros and Lil’ XT can be purchased from the Blizzard pet store both in-game with the Shop button and online. Both pets are learned as rare. Lil’ XT is only available in Breed#7, or H/P. Lil’ Ragnaros is only available in Breed#4, or P/P. Incidentally, Lil’ Ragnaros has the highest power stat of all battle pets currently in the game, so he is worth the purchase if you have the means.

Lil’ XT has a Trading Card Game clone in Landro’s Lil’ XT. They are separate, identical pets with identical abilities, just a different name and way to acquire them.

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