Darkmoon Faire – Jeremy Feasel “Kamikaze” Strategy

The Darkmoon Faire is on this week, and every pet battler knows that means Jeremy Feasel is in town and ready to battle you for that chance at a Darkmoon Eye, and of course, bragging rights. If you have never battled him before, Jeremy Feasel is located at the  Darkmoon Faire and you will need to purchase some Darkmoon Game Tokens to engage him in battle.

There are a lot of different strategies to defeat this tamer; I will post a few that I use with different teams of pets.

Pet and Ability Lineup:

Your Squad:

Infinite Whelpling with Tail Sweep, Healing Flame, and Early Advantage. (Dragonkin)

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling with Breath, Bombing Run, and Explode. (Mechanical)

Leveling pet

Enemy Team:

JudgementFocused Beams, Eyeblast, and Darkmoon Curse. (Magic)

Honky-TonkMissle, Shock and Awe, and Lock-on. (Mechanical)

FezwickSmash, Clobber, and Banana Barrage. (Beast)

The Action:

Open with your Infinite Whelpling against Judgement. Judgement will take extra damage from your Tail Sweep. Since Judgement is faster than any breed of Infinite Whelpling, your Tail Sweep will do additional damage. Use your Tail Sweep for the first two rounds against Judgement. On the third round, use your Healing Flame. Judgement is at low health and easily finished right now with a Tail Sweep, but what you want is to use Healing Flame in order to kill Judgement on the next round, thus activating your Dragonkin family ability to do MEGA damage against Honky-Tonk. The Dragonkin racial plus baked-in extra damage on Mechanicals with the Early Advantage ability will take a good portion of Honky-Tonks health. You may even crit and kill him outright. So in short, cast Early Advantage when Feasel brings out Honky-Tonk and watch the damage roll in. Keep using your Infinite Whelpling‘s Tail Sweep until he dies. If your Infinite Whelpling dies before Honky-Tonk, use your Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling and simply cast Breath the round or two it will take to finish Honky-Tonk.

When Feasel brings out Fezwick, put in your Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling if he is not already in play. He will be faster than Fezwick, so you are able to immediately cast Bombing Run before Fezwick uses Clobber and stuns you for a round. Pass on the stun round, and then cast Breath until your Bombing Run has 1 round left on it. At that point, cast Explode. You will do tons of damage to Fezwick and either this Explode or Bombing Run coming in immediately after will kill him. Since Explode is a suicide maneuver and deactivates failsafes, all pets will be dead except your leveling pet and he will be the sole survivor, raking in all that sweet XP.

More Details:

The Infinite Whelpling is a wild catch from Tanaris, Kalimdor, just outside and also found inside the Caverns of Time. The Infinite Whelping can be caught in Breed#4, or P/P, Breed#8 or P/S, and Breed#10 or P/B. In this video I used a Breed#4, or P/P Infinite Whelpling but the strategy can be executed with any breed.

The Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling is a mechanical pet created by engineers of skill level 575; you can purchase it in the Auction House or craft one/have it crafted. The materials are not too expensive.  The pet is learned as uncommon quality and only comes in Breed#5, or S/S. In this video, you will see I have opted to use a battle stone and upgrade him to rare quality. If you do have access to a battle stone I would definitely recommend that you consider this pet for an upgrade. It is quite unique in that it is a mechanical family pet with a Dragonkin attack; he does bonus damage to Magic type pets while at the same time taking decreased damage from them.

As your leveling pet will never face an opponent with this strategy, it can be as low as level 1.

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