Pandaren Spirit Tamers – Pandaren Air Spirit 2-Pet Strategy

The Pandaren Spirit Tamers are located in  four locations throughout Pandaria. In order to face the Pandaren Spirit Tamers for the first time, you must defeat Aki the Chosen

This video and strategy deals with how to defeat the Whispering Pandaren Spirit. The air spirit resides in The Jade Forest, at the top of Exclamation Point. You will need Wisdom of the Four Winds if you are level 90 or a ride/summon up to the location in order to battle this tamer if you are sub-90, or do not have Pandaria flying trained yet.

*This is simply a strategy I use to beat this tamer, I do not claim it “as my own” or as “original content”*

Pet and Ability Lineup:

Your Squad:

Emerald Proto-Whelp with Emerald Bite, Emerald Presence, and Emerald Dream. (Dragonkin)

Nether Faerie Dragon with Arcane BlastLife Exchange, and Moonfire. (Dragonkin)

Any leveling pet; it should be at least level 8 in order to take the hit from the Pandaren Air Spirit.


Enemy Team:

Dusty – Moth BallsCocoon Strike, and Moth Dust.  (Flying)

WhispertailFlyBySlicing Wind, and Wild Winds. (Dragonkin)

Pandaren Air SpiritSlicing Wind, Wild Winds,  and Soothing Mists. (Elemental)


The Action:

This fight is incredibly straightforward if you are using the Emerald Proto-Whelp. As said in the video, the Emerald Proto-Whelp can practically solo this on her own. The key to winning here is effective  use of Emerald Dream. I usually try to use Emerald Dream to heal up when I am around 50 percent health. Emerald Dream will put you to sleep for 3 rounds, wherein you progressively gain more health, yet cannot act. Try to have Emerald Presence up during this time, and during most of the fight, for a bit of damage reduction insurance. You can usually get through all three pets using your Emerald Bite spam and dreaming when appropriate.

If you lose your Emerald Proto-Whelp for some reason at any point during the fight, bring in the Nether Faerie Dragon. Cast Moonfire, and proceed to spam Arcane Blast. If you fall below 50 percent HP and your opponent has more health, use Life Exchange.

For your leveling pet, the best spot to take a hit is on the first round with the Pandaren Air Spirit. He will usually either cast Soothing Mists on himself (doing no damage to you), or the low direct damage ability Wild Winds.  Wild Winds stays applied to the active pet, so your leveling pet can go safely to the backline again.


More Details:

The Emerald Proto-Whelp is a wild catch from Sholazar Basin in Northrend. You can pick one up in the northern part of the region inside the Savage Thicket ( the giant flaming forest full of Proto Dragons). This pet seems to have some unknown conditions on spawning; there are a lot of thoughts and conjecture in the wowhead comments. My personal experience was that I had to periodically check for several days for spawns, and finally found one in common quality. Since the pet is temperamental about spawn, this is definitely a pet you would want to consider using a battle stone on for upgrading. The Emerald Proto-Whelp can be captured in Breed#4, or P/P, Breed#*, or P/S, and Breed#10, or P/B. Any breed is appropriate for this encounter.

The Nether Faerie Dragon is a Dragonkin pet wild caught in Feralas around the outsides of the Dire Maul dungeon and the inner courtyard before the instance portals. The Nether Faerie Dragon can be caught in Breed#4, or P/P, Breed#5, or S/S, Breed#7 or H/P, Breed#10 or P/B, and Breed#11 or S/B. Any breed is suitable for this encounter.

As mentioned above, your leveling pet should be at least level 8 in order to take their turn against the Pandaren Air Spirit.


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